We are DELIFLOR, a company focused on reaching the top excellence in Chrysanthemum genetics and building strategic relationships in order to optimize and make the growing process easier thus helping our clients improve their experience developing their business around the world

We are a visionary, solid modern, agile and flexible organization with an appropriate and goal driven staff who work within a respectful, transparent and trustworthy environment

We have the full support from all our stakeholders due to our social and corporate responsibility and liability, for being a human enterprise and a great place to work driven by excellent customer service.


We are permanently aiming at genetic excellence in our Chrysanthemum.

We amenable and optimize the Chrysanthemum growing process, helping our clients improve their experience developing their business around the world


Service, Human values, Loyalty, Proactiveness, Responsibility, Liability, Transparency , Flexibility, Positivism, Happiness.


• We work with transparency in all our actions.
• We can guarantee high quality standard within all our processes.
• We know and understand our clients and offer personalized customer service.
• We deliver what we promise.
• We have a hands on approach and we act with autonomy.
• We are passionate, happy, and with an entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.


We promote growth for the flower sector driven by sustainability where profits are consonant with the environment. We are aware that our production process demands the utilization of several natural resources, which inevitably generates environmental impacts. Therefore, from the transformation and promotion of our production process to the environmentally friendly corporate culture within our company, we are always looking to make our processes as efficient as possible when using natural resources.

We also promote, research and implement sustainable technologies which are environmentally friendly and respect the use and exploitation of natural resources.

From January 2020 we are part of BANCO2 where we are aiming to compensate for the Carbon footprint derived from our production process, which even if we wanted, it is impossible to take down to zero. We are willfully sponsoring projects aiming at reducing CO2 emissions such as a family who lives in the Sonson Moorland and they are working to conserve this strategic ecosystem.

We foster initiatives and ideas that promote a wider environmental responsibility. This is why we replaced the conventional nets for biodegradable ones made from Low-density polyethylene which have a better chance of being recycled by mechanical or chemical processes.

WATER CONSUMPTION: we are aware that water is a valuable environmental service, and it is not for us to use exclusively. This is why all the water consumed within DELIFLOR productive processes come from a water reservoir. We also replaced all the light bulbs for LED lighting in order to reduce energy consumption.

We set the goal for ourselves to reduce waste generation and harness it. Therefore, we support and implement recycling, reusing and plastic usage reduction campaigns.

We collect plastic lids to give them to the SANAR foundation. Through a employee reward strategy for using the bicycle, we promote the use of clean and sustainable transportation alternatives that contribute to our employees’ wellbeing and reduction of our CO2 footprint

Deliflor forma parte del Grupo Beekenkamp Beekenkamp Groep